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Available in Delhi,Noida,Gurgaon
  • What is Detailing?

    Deep cleaning of car called “Detailing”. Detailing is the complete cleaning and protection of a vehicle’s interior as well as exterior. We do detailing as per customer requirement. Customer can choose among our 4 services. And we guarantee for your satisfaction. We have 100% satisfied customer ratio till date.

  • Why should I have my vehicle detailed with carcleanz?

    We are the best in terms of Detailing Services. So when you are taking car cleaning services than you need to be proud for your professional choice. To protect your car investment a vehicle detailed regularly will increase the resale value as well as it protect car by sun, salt, and magnesium chloride. These deteriorate the exterior; as well as the interior. A detailed vehicle saves the cost of paint, vinyl top, rubber and interior items (leather seats, trim, vinyl dash, etc.). All of which are very costly to replace. Put simply, detailing protects your investment. A detailed vehicle makes your vehicle look, feel and smell like new. Our Superior detailing makes your car as like showroom new shine. Do not trust on words, check our before & after pictures for complete satisfaction/

  • When should I have my vehicle detailed?

    Typically, a high quality detailing job will last 6 to 9 months (depends upon further maintenance). Colour of paint, weather conditions, and time of exposure to elements (sun, salt, acid rain, bugs, sprinkler water, etc) are factors that affect the longevity of the finish.

  • Is detailing a lifetime protection?

    No, Detailing can protect your car for a period of 7-9 months time (depend upon the further maintenance by you). We hear constantly that the new finishes do not require protection for a longer time. True, the paint finishes are more "high tech" today, but the truth is the "clear coat" which is supposed to protect the colour, is nothing more than paint without pigment. Once salt, sun, or acid rain penetrates the clear coat, the paint deteriorates very rapidly. You must have protection coating on your vehicles on a regular intervals!

  • Are you eco friendly?

    Yes, we are eco friendly. We use products which are not hazardous for environment as well as for health. As well as we give preference to save water by using it properly for washing purpose.

  • What customer has to provide for performing the car cleaning job?

    We need full access of your car and an electric switch. We will also be need a water hose or few buckets of water for performing our jobs.

  • Do you use shampoo & detergent for cleaning tasks?

    No, We never use such detergent or shampoo products for detailing job. Using the same by you or any other person can harm the vehicle so we also advice you to avoid shampoo & detergent for your Car. We only use imported professional 3M Meguiars brand products for completing our detailing tasks.

  • Why carcleanz is little expensive than local Car Cleaners?

    Quality comes with a Price tag. We at carcleanz use imported products for detailing jobs. All our products are of 3M Meguiars brand which are best in their category. We at carcleanz do not believe in one time business from you. We believe that every quality work with competitive price will again generate double the business next time. So we believe in quality business and that is the reason we are providing our service to you on an effective price. For any other query you can contact to our customer email to